The Black 15

Lifestyle 02 - Knowing someone just by analysing 3 shelves.

Lifestyle 02 - Knowing someone just by analysing 3 shelves.

Badass Babes 19: Curvy Death II

Various Cyber Soldiers 115

VHS CHEESEFEST: Badasses On Bikes

Weapons of the Future 07: Revolvers

Various Cyber Soldiers 114

Badass Babes 18: Screen Queens

Cyberpunk 72

Various Cyber Soldiers 113

Lifestyle 01 - Fuck… I miss my twenties.

Weapons of the Future 06: random artists

The Black 14


Ablutions is the most darkly comic novel I’ve read in a long time

If you’re into cyberpunk, Morgan’s Takeshi Kovacs trilogy is a must-read. Hard Boiled - Hardcore… Not that PG13 Michael Crichton fucking crap nor that Da Vinci Code wimpy watered down shit…

New Frontier are the best Startrek books because the writer can push the characters further since he doesn’t have to rely on the TV series.

Matt Taibbi is the best political writer because he can make you laugh and rage against the system at the same time.

Well… The Road is simply a classic.